Millions of workers live on the move doing the work that most will not. They go where the work is, fields factories and construction sites. and take enormous risk in order to survive in the hopes of a better life.

At the same time there's a group of clinicians who are committed to improving healthcare for these workers and their families. Our mission at Migrant Clinicians Network is to be a force for health justice for the mobile poor.

Since 1984, MCN has worked to eliminate health disparities among migrant workers. We began on the focus of farmworkers and even as we expanded our work to promote the health of other mobile poor and culturally displaced populations, we retained this population as a focus. A truck driver from south Texas who makes his living traveling the country is not your image of your typical migrant.

Rigoberto was diagnosed with TB and threatened with the tension as a public health risk, because his travel limited his adherence to treatment. Before MCN started health network, a mobile worker with TB had no guaranteed continuity with health care as he or she moved across the country. Rigoberto's home clinic enrolled him in MCN's patient navigation program. Our staff found him treatment in Kansas, Michigan, and every location his job took him to for the next two years.

MCN has helped thousands of patients facing chronic disease, infection or illness, to complete their treatment regardless of their migration. Whether its from Texas to Michigan or to another country.

For instance, 85% of MCNs TB patients (an overwhelming majority) complete their treatment. That about equals the completion rate about those in the US with TB who are not on the move.

Mobility in combination with economic marginalization also challenges women who must move during the course of their pregnancy. MCN assures that these women find the needed care to deliver healthy, normal, birth weight babies.

MCN touches lives, improves access to health care, and decreases health disparities in vulnerable communities across the country.

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