When two things come together the world just makes more sense: think peanut butter and jelly or apples and pie. If everything or everyone was on their own all the time life would be boring. Colors, combinations, languages and ideas are what make normal days come alive. Coming together helps us, as humans, expand our impact and makes the world a better place.

Me+We=Us Me+We=Us is an initiative birthed out of the desire to come along side of PROeM Ministries, in order to infuse finances that will allow them to achieve the vision that God has given them to share His love with Poland, Europe and the World. Here's how you can be a part of Me+We=Us: Give, Pray & Share on Giving Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 to one of the following needs:

  • Phase 2 Sports Education Complex for Pines Place Christian Education Center
  • HVAC Systems for Proem Christian Education Center Camp

As you can imagine, these projects are expensive, but here's the great news.... two generous gifts have already been given. Two "ME's" came together, and now there's a "WE" and if you and I get involved there will be an "US"! We have the promise of a matching grant for each dollar raised! Already the vision of Me+We=Us is coming true! Every dollar given will be doubled! Together we can do this. Please join Me+We=Us.