By Ariana Katovich.

Montessori Center School was founded in 1965, and this is our first #GivingTuesday campaign! We believe that children should learn in a supportive environment that prepares them to the confident, responsible, creative, intellectual, and caring people. Each year we raise funds outside of our tuition to ensure that Montessori education is accessible to our community.  More generally, we share the mission of Montessori education. Our mascot is the Meerkat and for #GivingTuesday we have created a Meerkat Mascot image with the slogan Meerkats give! We have changed our profile pictures on social media, on email, and are posting the meerkat in our annual yearbook as well.

Each Tuesday we most a #meerkatsgive message on social media to promote our event and we are also going to be posting videos from our teachers and parents about giving to our school, branded with the Meerkat logo. We are going to be running promotions on our internal parent network (Parent Sqaure) which also allows parents to get messages on their mobile devices as well. We are using #GivingTuesday as a rally point for our annual fund, which is launched at the beginning of the school year and ends December 31st. Our annual fund goal is $120,000 so we hope to coalesce our community to give around #GivingTuesday and then we can follow up in December to make sure we reach our goal of 100% school participation in our annual fund campaign. Meerkats give!