Since 1999, Dumas Wesley's transitional housing program Sybil H. Smith Family Village in Mobile, Alabama, has provided a second chance to over 450 families.

Meet Carolyn, a mother of two who needed help getting back on her feet. Carolyn worked very hard to overcome personal and financial barriers as a program participant.

Each family is assessed at time of entry into the program and a detailed case management plan is formulated. Each adult resident meets at least once weekly with the case manager to review goals and achievements. Life Skills classes are provided in employment readiness and retention, parenting, budgeting, relationship skills, health issues and other skills necessary to live independently. Each resident volunteers an average of 30 hours per quarter in the community. All residents are required to work full time while in the program.

With a background in maintenance, Carolyn was hired as a part-time maintenance worker at Dumas Wesley Community Center. Recognizing her hard work, Carolyn was eventually offered a full time position as maintenance supervisor. Carolyn successfully completed the transitional housing program and moved into permanent housing. Today, she and her family continue to thrive and have become one of our many success stories! Please read her testimony about her experience with Dumas Wesley.