The Blind Children’s Center was founded in 1938 by Southern California Delta Gammas. Each year the Center serves approximately 100 children who are blind or visually impaired and provides an array of support services for more than 350 family members.

Our goal is to optimize each child’s development and opportunities to lead a meaningful life through a comprehensive program beginning with early intervention followed by an educational curriculum specifically adapted to the needs of each student. We are committed to a family-focused approach where parents, siblings, grandparents, and caregivers are included in the educational process every step of the way.

In keeping with best practices, our programs are fully inclusive with sighted children integrated in each class, providing unique opportunities for social interaction and acquisition of critical skills.

Throughout our long history a dedicated community of friends and supporters has sustained our vital work. We neither seek nor receive government assistance and are not a United Way Agency. Rather, the Center’s funding reflects the generosity of private donors and the trust of foundations and corporations, which allows us to provide these life-changing services at no cost to our students and families.

This summer we plan to construct an outdoor Therapeutic Play Yard, where our students can address their sensory needs in a natural state. The area will provide children with unique opportunities to work on their physical, motor and sensory skills through engaging, fun activities. For some, this will involve testing themselves against the climbing wall. For others, it will involve the yard’s soothing inner chamber filled with puzzles and interactive devices.

Thank you for considering the Blind Children’s Center during this season of giving. Your donation can help light the way towards a brighter future for our children and their families.