As dawn broke on October 4th, a 90-mile-wide Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti with 145-mile winds adding over 40 inches of rain to an already fragile country.

When Hurricane Matthew struck her home Antoinise Altine lost everything: her business and her house. In this photo, she stands in the ruins of the home she rented in Jeremie, one of the hardest hit cities on the South West coast of Haiti.

Sustainable housing for the 175,000 Haitians displaced by Hurricane Matthew continues to be a challenge as rains persist. This is not the first time Altine has been forced to rebuild. She lost everything she had in the 2010 earthquake and relocated to Jeremie where she made her living selling second-hand clothes.

Altine still lives in Jeremie and has moved in with her landlord after leaving the temporary shelters because she feared the spread of cholera. She is separated from her children who are staying with friends and neighbors in Jeremie. One of her only remaining possessions is the dress she is wearing in this photo.

In response to #HurricaneMatthew, J/P Haitian Relief Organization has been working effortlessly to assist Haiti, one of the most vulnerable countries in the Western Hemisphere. To date we have removed rubble, cleared and repaired roadways, created new road access, and employ 102 people a day in rubble removal across the Sud and Grand-Anse regions.

Our mobile clinics have provided services to 2,405 people since relief efforts began. We are also distributing food, setting up temporary shelters for displaced people, and working on community development. As long-term solutions to systemic problems, J/P HRO initiatives strengthen communities while reducing vulnerabilities.

We continue to address the systemic tragedies of extreme poverty, deforestation, and rapid urbanization, which amplify the damage done during natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew.

To learn more about our life-saving work, please visit With your help, Haiti will rise.

Mesi anpil, Zanmi. Thank you, my friend.

J/P Haitian Relief Organization