Centerforce is a nonprofit that helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive job training and placement in the community, as well as helping them engage with their communities in positive ways. Our mission is to empower adults with disabilities to engage in their community through advocacy, employment, and education.

Our #GivingTuesday campaign is centered around educating people that individuals with disabilities are "Just Like You": They want to be employed, volunteer, and contribute to their communities. Individuals with disabilities love going to baseball games, cheering on the Seahawks, and making a difference - just like you!

Did you know that social isolation for individuals with disabilities is more prevalent than for able people? According to a report issued by the United States Census Bureau in 2013, compared to people without disabilities, people with disabilities are three times less likely to have a job, and if employed, are generally paid less.

Twenty-four percent of the disabled population lives below the poverty level. The U.S. Department of Labor figures released just before Labor Day 2016 show that the jobless rate for those with disabilities hit 11.3 percent in August, up slightly from 11.1 percent the month prior.

Your support of individuals with disabilities, through education and advocacy, will impact the life of an individual with disabilities through: representation and inclusiveness in the community through a job, volunteerism and community social and recreational activities; a positive environment; employment that matches the goals of the individual; new skills and opportunities; tools for success; sense of a normal life and being treated like normal adults; sense of happiness and self-worth; feelings of self-sufficiency and acceptance; and self-respect, dignity and personal value.