It only takes a dollar to make a difference, and to let someone know you care. If you have ever had a great experience with personal care, this is the place you want to designate your giving to!

The Grateful Patient Fund was initially started on behalf of Dr. Wilson W. Shaw from a patient who thought his care was exceptional; Kurt Pfaff. Each year, he continues to support WCA Hospital through donations, making it possible to purchase the technology needed to support the community's needs. This is away to say thank you to the many exceptional staff members of WCA Hospital. By donating to this fund, you not only support healthcare services in Chautauqua County, but you also provide us to continue excellent patient care and honor that person who gave the care.

The WCA Foundation began its first operations in 1982 with assets of $180,278.43. Diligent fiscal restraint in management of our community’s gifts has seen their growth to over $13.1 million in restricted and unrestricted funds, while more than $5 million in grants have been given to the Hospital and Starflight in just the last 15 years. Today, the WCA Foundation also serves its donors with the ability to make gifts that will have immediate benefit to WCA Hospital for current needs. The Foundation’s $1 million support of the new Emergency Department was just the beginning of grants of this magnitude to support WCA Hospital’s health care initiatives.

It is the vision of the Board of Directors to meet the changing needs of WCA Hospital with even larger grants and greater flexibility. It is the earnings from unrestricted funds which have enabled the majority of the Foundation’s support of the Hospital over its 30-year history. The WCA Foundation is making a concerted effort to increase its unrestricted assets thereby positioning itself to become an even greater financial supporter of the Hospital – in perpetuity.

The WCA Foundation has been an outstanding partner of WCA Hospital for more than 30 years. With the generous contributions and legacy gifts of people like you, the Foundation has grown, been a good steward of those gifts and been able to support the health care initiatives of the Hospital.

Together we can do even more. Remember the WCA Foundation when you want to honor or remember a loved one, friend or health care provider. Think of us when you want to help assure the future of the finest hospital in the Chautauqua Region. With your contributions to our Undesignated Fund, or by creating and naming your own Endowment Fund, we can fulfill the capital needs of WCA Hospital — together.

Please support #givinggratefulpatientday and visit WCA Foundation website at: