For #GivingTuesday, Perfect Supplements has come up with a way that everyone can get involved, regardless of financial means.

Simply share a photo of nature on social media with the #PerfectNatureShare and #GivingTuesday hashtags and Perfect Supplements will donate $5 to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island ( ). Full details can be found here -

The fact that people who care about nature and our environment can get involved with #GivingTuesday, even if they don't have the means to donate cash was a major reason the #PerfectNatureShare campaign was created.

"A love of nature is something that unites all of us and I think everyone can appreciate and enjoy a wonderful nature photo" states Paul Morelli, co-founder of Perfect Supplements. Morelli explains, "We wanted to provide a way for people to take part in #GivingTuesday and support the Audubon Society, without having to donate money."

Perfect Supplements believes that supporting organizations like the Audubon Society is something that we can all feel good about. Numerous studies have showed that the more connected people are with nature, the better they feel and the more they will do to protect the environment. In addition to bringing awareness to the Audubon Society, Perfect Supplements also looks to raise awareness about #GivingTuesday.

Once people see all the good that is done on #GivingTuesday, they are inspired to do their own good as well.

As Morelli concludes, "Giving and doing good is absolutely contagious. The idea of our #PerfectNatureShare campaign is to get the ball rolling and spark others to create their own giving campaigns.

Let's share some photos of nature, let us do the giving and then be inspired by all the good that comes out of #GivingTuesday"