Private investigation might not seem like the most obvious way to make the world a better place. But at Trustify, our team of private investigators spend their days helping people locate family members and loved ones, protect their safety and security, and find peace of mind.

It’s our hope that through our business and our company mission of always finding ways to give back that we can help more people thrive in their businesses and their lives.

We have given hundreds of pro-bono hours to organizations like Becky's Fund, the Midwest Innocence Project, and individual clients and small non-profits. We have given our time and talent to volunteering with Martha's Table and The Campagna Center, and provided funding to Beauvoir School scholarships for underserved students and to support the programs and services of the National Council for Adoption.

We are especially proud that our employees are so dedicated to this work, too. We encourage them to volunteer with our 8-for-8 policy; if they spend eight hours volunteering with us at one of our partner organizations, they receive eight paid hours that they can use to volunteer with an organization they believe in. One of the most important ways that our team gives back is through our partnership with Becky’s Fund, a non-profit that provides emergency services, financial literacy programs, and much more to support and empower survivors of intimate partner violence.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. It’s not just physical; domestic violence can include threats, emotional and psychological abuse, intimidation, and controlling behavior. This kind of violence is prevalent in every household, regardless of economic status, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality, gender, or age.

We work with Becky’s Fund to provide pro bono private investigator and safety services to domestic violence survivors, so that they can better protect themselves and their families while facing uniquely dangerous situations. Becky’s Fund staff train our case managers and investigators to handle domestic violence cases, to give survivors and their families the best possible help while prioritizing their safety and security.

There are lots of companies that describe themselves as "socially responsible," but we are striving to really mean those words and to show other companies that they can do much more than just donate money. By getting our staff involved in volunteer work and by creating a company that helps people, we hope to imbue the spirit of giving into everything we do.