By: Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, Versaic

According to a 2015 study by Cone Communications, sixty-four percent of millennials use social media to address or engage with companies around social and environmental issues. People are making an effort to learn proactively about the way a company engages with the world before they decide to support it. If you want to engage your audience, attract more eyeballs, and enhance your overall brand image- sharing the good your brand is up to is not to be overlooked. So how do you spread the message? 

Working at Versaic, I have had a chance to learn how brands of all sizes are sharing their good work with the world. There are many different ways for your organization to give back this Giving Tuesday. Versaic will donate to My New Red Shoes, an organization that provides homeless and low-income children with the gift of new shoes and clothing for the start of school.

Here are four ways the Marketing Team can get involved in amplifying the good your brand is doing right in time for Giving Tuesday:

4 Steps to Share Your Brand's Philanthropic Story