The ODCMG impacts thousands of community members in many diverse ways, no matter the age.

Our overall goal is to connect people with land and nature. We want to teach others about how nature can make us healthier both mentally and physically. There are volumes of research pointing to the importance of incorporating more nature into our lives to make us healthier individuals. We aim to do this through conservation work and programming events. Each component adds an integral part in providing an overall wonderful outdoor experience. No matter if it's a program for the community or helping eradicate an invasive species along Lake Michigan, our organization focuses on bringing people outside and teaching them the benefits of the habitat around us.

The birds of prey are our #givingtuesday focus this year. ODCMG houses 18 live birds of prey, including Eagles, Falcons, Owls, and Hawks, that have been injured and cannot return to the wild due to their injuries. They provide educational experiences all over Michigan teaching individuals about the magnificent birds of prey that are present in the Michigan habitat.

It is costly to provide the excellent care needed for these birds. Their food alone is expensive and this cost does not incorporate what it takes to clean their mews(cages) and make sure they are healthy.

Although they require extensive care, their presence at the organization is unique and provides an extremely important educational component to those in the Michigan community.

Overall, with help of the birds and several other aspects in the organization, the ODCMG seeks to teach individuals about the importance of where we live, how nature is alive in all of our hearts and how it can make us healthier and happier individuals. We are what surrounds us.