WRENCH is a charitable effort born out of an impoverished neighborhood in Detroit that believes every child deserves a bike.

Since we started in May of 2014 we have supplied over 300 donated bikes and repaired many more. Wrench operates out of the Core City neighborhood in Detroit directly (walk ins); but our main focus is to come to where the need is.

Our first year we set up in two other neighborhoods with cooperation of the community and held "bike clinics" as neighborhood events. Our second year we added two neighborhoods and helped at other similar events. We come back for follow-ups to each neighborhood we service, establishing ongoing relationships with the communities we serve.

In many neighborhoods in Detroit the children don't have working bikes or a place to play outside. Having the freedom to ride is still the best thing to a kid and gets them out exercising and enjoying themselves. We literally level the playground between the have and have nots. Can you imagine watching your friends roll off and your bike is broken, or worse yet you never had one?

We would like to raise the funds that will allow us to grow and provide a model for a city wide effort. #GivingTuesday is the perfect time to help us to improve and expand our efforts.



Thank you and here are a few links for more info about Wrench, please like us on facebook for updates and to keep in touch!