Since the day of Rae's death, we knew that there had to be a higher purpose and reason for such a beautiful & loving soul to have been taken so inhumanely and tragically. Very soon after, we understood our cause and purpose and aligned that with the giving and loving nature of Rae, which is what led to the birth of Rae of Hope, Inc.

After the untimely death of our beloved Rae, God placed a calling on Ms. Harvey's (The founder/director of Rae of Hope) heart and the siblings of Rae, to come together to assist in putting a stop to these senseless crimes against innocent lives, that leave so many hurt and in pain in the wake of such heartless violence.

We work with several organizations and churches in each city that we are located in, to assist these families with counseling, shelter, food, clothing and financial assistance needed to leave dangerous, unstable, and life threatening environments or situations.

Thank you all for taking the time to read our story and assisting us with changing one life at a time. We, here at Rae of Hope, Inc., will keep everyone of you in our prayers - praying that God shines the light of love, peace, and joy within each one of your lives.

Thank you, Rae of Hope of Baton Rouge, LA. Inc.