With 80% or more of our healthcare costs tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in poor lifestyle choices, including dietary lifestyle, it's imperative that medical professionals and those they serve learn about the health-promoting, disease-fighting, evidence-based power of whole food, plant-based nutrition.

The Plantrician Project, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, was established for this purpose: to educate, equip and empower clinicians about the efficacy of whole food, plant-based nutrition as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat and even reverse the vast majority of chronic disease that's robbing years from lives and life from years---not to mention the unsustainable financial burden.

The science overwhelmingly supports the efficacy of a plant-predominant dietary lifestyle, which would pave the way for reining in our out of control healthcare costs, as well as addressing many of our most pressing global sustainability issues. Humanity's shift to a predominantly whole food, plant-based way of living will restore health and vitality, while preserving our precious natural resources, and will enable us to feed what soon will be 9 billion people on the face of the earth---something only possible with a plant-predominant diet.

On this #GivingTuesday we thought we'd do something fun and interactive with our communities. Because a plant-based diet is all about the food, we want YOU to take a picture of your beautiful plant-based dish, show the world that it's not all about "rabbit food", use the hashtag, #PlantPic and we'll re-tweet / share and re-gram!

Learn more at http://plantricianproject.org