‘Tis the season of giving! Why is it the most wonderful time of the year?

Is it the gifts you receive? The time off you earn? While these perks of the holiday season should bring delight, there is nothing like being generous during the winter months. For many of us, we find comfort in snuggling by a fire during the coldest days, indulging in soul foods, and being with our family and friends. What a blessing, but what about those who aren’t so lucky?

Through the Save A Life Initiative, the Disque Foundation has traveled both domestically and abroad to empower individuals to learn to save a life with CPR and basic life support training. Along the way, we have served countless impoverished and homeless individuals and families. We have seen first hand a glimpse of what life would be like without the comfort of our own homes, lives and amenities, especially during the coldest winter months. NHCPS.com, a site offering online PALS, ACLS, BLS and CPR gives us 100% of their profits to fund our trips. Here is a story we would like to share on the importance of life support training: "A Case for PALS".

Infants developing complications shortly after they are born is not a unique scenario. Health care professionals trained in life support often need to provide quick and decisive treatment during and immediately following the birth of a child. The challenge is that so few medical providers have the training necessary to provide excellent life support.

PALS certification requires a comprehensive yet concise training program that involves mastering the subject, as a child’s life oftentimes can depend upon it! The goal of the program is to aid pediatric health care providers in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage critically ill infants and children. The skills taught include recognition and treatment of cardiopulmonary arrest, the systematic approach to pediatric assessment, effective respiratory management, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion, and effective resuscitation team dynamics.

In Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, I witnessed numerous situations where medical personnel performed emergency procedures that saved the lives of people who were adversely affected by the earthquake. We did not have state-of-the-art medical equipment or an abundance of supplies, but we did have highly skilled medical staff that was able to provide the necessary medical attention in a timely fashion and in Maxwell’s case, it made all the difference!

What better time of the year to give?

The Empowerment Team at the Disque Foundation has decided to match all proceeds that are generated from #GivingTuesday to our medical advisor, Dr. Harry Owens. Dr. Owens is a valued member of our Save A Life Initiative Advisory board, and has recently signed up to return to South Sudan to do missionary volunteer medical work with the Comboni Missionary Nuns in Nzara in collaboration with Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMBB). CMBB works hard to place qualified individuals, such as Dr. Owens, into the practice, but they also need our help with costs involved with placing volunteers.

Dr. Owens has a fundraise set up with a goal of $12,000. Here at the Disque Foundation, we are so honored to have individuals like Dr. Owens on our Save A Life Initiative Advisory Board, and we fully support his work in South Sudan. We have decided to match all proceeds form #GivingTuesday to Dr. Owens Crowdrise page!