When we started this foundation, we were told running a non profit is hard work and sometimes feels unrewarding.  Sure it is hard work but we have not it nothing but beyond our wildest dreams.  We know in our world of cancer there is nothing you can say to make someone feel better but just for that moment in time.  But we know we are able to bring comfort to someone during their treatment and alleviate them for even a little bit.  We receive letters, email and phone calls and each one makes a niche in our hearts.  We feel like we become apart of their family for those who choose to reach out. We do not get to meet our bag recipients very often due to HIPPA but when they do we are almost always brought to tears.  One of our families had ordered a bag from us in 2015 as their mothers breast cancer had come back with a terrible vengeance.  At a loss as though it seemed her daughter in law said she stumbled across our brochure and thought, "This is it, this is what I can do to help my mother in law." She called us and wanted to know more about us and then quickly placed a request for a bag.

Upon the delivery of her pak comfort bag (Pam's angel kit) she said her mother in law could not believe this bag was for her.  She read the inspirational book, wrapped herself in our plush blanket, enjoyed her essential oils for her nails as they had become weakened.  We continued to get updates on her and we welcomed them! They would send us pictures and tell us we have been a huge blessing.  We learned of our dear friends passing the day she passed.  I mean who are we to deserve to be apart of this family's most raw time in their life? Her daughter in law told us she passed away wrapped in our blanket and spoke of us often up until her death.  Writing this I can barely see the screen! We check in with her family often and just recently received a beautiful email that we will forever hold dear to us.  We have been a sense of healing for our new found friend.  This, this is why we do this, to bring joy and comfort to someones life.  You never know who you might bring light to in their darkest of hours.