Uncomfortable asking your donors to support you on #GivingTuesday? NO problem. Giving Families is here to help!

We're a nationwide community of parents developing our children's confidence and character through monthly giveback "challenges" that are fun for the whole family.

Haven't heard of us? You will soon. We have families in 43 states nationwide, and are gaining new family members every day!

Each month, our families participate in an activity that focuses on one of four different causes, including the earth, the animals, the people or the ailing. Best part is, our activities can be completed anytime, anywhere using materials readily available in most homes.

For example, in February, our families delivered valentines to their elderly neighbors living in a nearby nursing home. In April, we cleaned up local parks (in 43 states!) and, in June, we delivered hand-made toys to animals living in local shelters.

Rather than asking your donors to give to YOU on November 29th, offer to give THEM something instead…a FREE one-year membership to Giving Families!

To be eligible, your organization must be located in the US, and you must submit your information using the link below no later than 11/25/16 at midnight EST. Upon doing so, someone from Giving Families will be in touch with you on 11/28/16, sharing images and quotes suitable for use on the various social media platforms.

We look forward to giving to you! https://goo.gl/forms/8dxyqmjfUO5N4fGD3