Operation Rainbow is a 38 year old non-profit that provides free surgery to children around the developing world.

We want to thank #GivingTuesday for everything it has done to spread awareness of the amazing work being done out there by non-profits. The positive energy around non-profits that #GivingTuesday creates is unique and wonderful - and we want to express our gratitude for your work.

Your efforts to promote the good work of non-profits and volunteers around the world has not only helped do more good, but inspired people around the world to be better and do more. You have helped Operation Rainbow's ability to provide free surgery to children who have no other chance for surgery, but also to provide education and training to the local medical staff in the countries we work in.

Each year, we have an average of 12 trips around the world providing more than 400 children with life-changing surgery and another 2000 with other medical treatments.

Here is a short story in video form that one of our volunteers created to share for #GivingTuesday.


In 2017, Operation Rainbow is planning 12 additional medical trips in countries such as Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia and El Salvador to help children have the chance to run, play, and walk.

Thank you for making our work possible and for inspiring all of us to give back!