Cupcake and Brownie were found abandoned and living in squalor. Excrement was everywhere. The air was thick with stench. But in the gloom two tiny tails wagged.

The two sickly dogs, Cupcake and Brownie, were rescued from filth and starvation and are now safe in a foster home through the non-profit Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE). Brownie suffers from kennel cough and a possible bacterial infection. Cupcake is under observation for seizures. And the veterinarian found 10 mammary tumors on poor Cupcake!

Both Cupcake and Brownie are recovering side by side. These two dogs suffered together, and their bond to one another is very deep. Our goal is to find a home where they can be adopted together – we cannot imagine separating them. But in the meantime both dogs require extensive medical care and CAPE’s Veterinary Fund is hard a work to ensure Cupcake and Brownie are brought back to health so they can find their forever home together! From a dank, dark prison without food, water or love, these two dogs are on the brink of starting a new life. You can help CAPE cover Cupcake and Brownie’s medical costs and our efforts to find them a home by supporting the CAPE Veterinary Fund! Please donate today as part of your #GivingTuesday. Thank you!