By Gary Hensley, Edbacker.

I absolutely love the field of Education. I said it, I love what I do and the amazing stories I get to be a part of as the Founder of Edbacker. Edbacker is a fundraising, donor management, communications and payments platform. We see projects from outdoor gardens to programs for the arts.  Every project has an outcome directly related to students. Where else can you have such an impact on the future of our country and the world than to inspire a life-long journey of learning. As a former teacher and a dad of two I also know there are many challenges that we face. One of the biggest is funding. Schools need resources now to support the over 51 million students across our country.

This year Edbacker has partnered with #GivingTuesday and PayPal to bring you a toolkit written just for schools, parents, and teachers. In this toolkit you will find everything you need to pull off a successful #GivingTuesday in just four weeks.  

Why you should launch a campaign:  

1.Education is the second largest category of giving on the #GivingTuesday. People are already looking for opportunities to give to education so take advantage of the momentum.

2.It is a great way to engage your community in what your school is doing. #GivingTuesday is about connecting people to your mission!

3.If you have an urgent need at your school it is a great way to raise the money you need. 

Join us this #GivingTuesday and visit our website for all the resources you need.  You can also watch our video here.

About Edbacker:

Edbacker is not just a product – we are a response to a problem: The educational funding gap, and the lack of technology resources designed for the schools who are tirelessly working to improve the lives of our nation’s students. Edbacker is the user-friendly online platform designed to bring parents, corporations and districts together to fill this funding gap. As the nation’s first platform designed specifically for PTAs and PTOS, districts, and educational foundations, Edbacker makes fundraising, donor management and parent communication easier than ever before.