Morthland College Conservatory of Music and the Arts opened its doors in the fall of 2015.  Since that first day, it has been our mission and hope to bring music and arts instruction and education opportunities to every child in Southern Illinois.   

I’m sure you know of at least one child whose family might not have the means to put them in expensive private lessons or classes, but that child loves music or art and would love to have the opportunity to have art instruction, to play an instrument, or play in a music ensemble.

Whether it’s playing an instrument, or working with new mediums on a canvas, or having the joy of singing with other children, our Conservatory is expanding opportunities every day for those children.

We are participating in #GivingTuesday for the first time, to challenge our community to take a step toward helping those who need a hand; to give back to those around them and to improve the community in which we live. 

On Tuesday, November 29th, we need your help.  This is a chance for you to give this gift to the children and young adults who would love to have the chance to grow, learn and experience the arts.  

Did you know that students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to be awarded for school attendance?  And did you know that arts and music education programs are mandatory in countries that rank consistently among the highest for math and science test scores?  

When you give to Morthland College and Conservatory of Music and the Arts, you are investing in a child’s life. You are investing in their bright future and giving a child a lifetime of enjoyment in the arts.   For more information, please visit