Out of 2,000 children who enter kindergarten, only one will graduate 12th grade.

Madaworks is changing that number. We are a new NGO that is #GivingHighSchool to girls in Madagascar to help them continue their education.

Our first scholarship recipient, Julie Rakotozafy who graduated in July 2016 achieving her baccalaureate on her first attempt. This is an extraordinary accomplishment in a country where so few rural girls graduate high school.  Julie is from a remote rural village in the Ranomafana region of Madagascar and hopes to enroll in nursing school this coming fall. We have helped her get closer to her dreams of becoming a nurse and helping her community.

After working in Madagascar, Diane Powers wanted to make a difference in the fight to end global poverty.  Her solution was to create an NGO, Madaworks, which launched in November 2015, to provide scholarships for girls in rural Madagascar to complete high school.  Harnessing the tools of the Internet through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a new website, they are raising funds and awareness about how individuals anywhere can make a difference to help reduce endemic poverty.


Madaworks not only supports girls’ secondary education but also provides support for women’s sustainable weaving collectives in Madagascar.  According to Diane, “By providing economic and educational opportunities, we create economic growth by helping local economies and by ensuring that we are reaching a vulnerable sector of society, namely rural women and girls. Positive change will follow as educational opportunity for women flourishes. Economic development will be enhanced, biodiversity will be sustained and poverty will be reduced.”  

Madagascar is a logical place to start because it is one of the poorest countries on the planet and has perhaps the most imperiled biodiversity.  Providing girls and women opportunities to change their futures, through education and economic stability, helps to shift their dependence away from
destructive subsistence farming.

For as little as $600 a year, a girl can be given a high school education.  Because high schools are few and far between, the girls need to live in towns often miles from their homes. Our scholarships provide them with funding to pay school fees, supplies, and room and board.

To date Madaworks has funded the following three girls: Julie, who recently graduated and Ravosolo Paquerette and Avotriniaina Louise Sarah who started
9th grade this fall. 90% of all donations go back into Madagascar.  Change begins with one girl at a time. Help us send another girl to school. For more information, please visit: http://www.madaworks.org or click here to watch their video.


Photo credits: Filipe Amado