The United Missions of Hope (UMH) and the Anchorage community will come together and on November 29th with a GivingTuesday (GT) celebration dinner. We are a non- profit running a scholarship program internationally and are now focused on a "local" mission inspired by a "global" inspiration. Since registering with the GivingTuesday movement we realized the power behind this inspiration.

Anchorage is a small community full of generosity. People are volunteering daily at the local soup kitchen, donating blood, and supporting events and fundraisers that happen routinely. We, UMH are celebrating the people and businesses that give back. Our vibrant community has so much to share with each other and with people around the world. Why isn't that on the evening news? That's our job I guess.

The dinner will serve 88 plus 10 volunteers with silent auction, raffle, and door prize items graciously donated in support of our idea. Local guest speakers, volunteers and businesses, will promote their acts of kindness and philanthropy with short presentations. This will inform everyone of what they are doing and how our guests can get involved and inspire them to act on their own passions to give. People are doing good things to change the world of our neighbors near and far. They may not realize it, all acts of kindness today offer the global solutions for tomorrow.

I can't thank the #GivingTuesday people behind the scenes enough. A dinner that started in 2015 in our living room before 17 friends has grown and now is touching the hearts of the Anchorage community. The vision is to continue on this campaign each year of sharing these efforts to inspire others to get involved and give.

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." - Mother Teresa