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Many nonprofits have a hate-love relationship with social media. It’s a great place to share stories about the work you do and connect with your supporters. But when it comes to fundraising, it’s still a big question mark. 43% of Millennials are most inspired to give by social media; however, research reveals that only 3% of traffic to nonprofit websites comes from social. 

So what’s the secret to converting likes and retweets into actual dollars? Here’s the unfortunate truth about online fundraising: many things you do to engage your audience and give them the tools to support you actually get in the way of their generosity. Links to donation pages and lengthy updates about your work result in donor drop-off, incomplete donations and significant fundraising dollars left on the table.

The secret to successful social media fundraising? Offer the path of least resistance. Here are three steps for creating a smart strategy that engages donors while keeping fundraising from being a click too far:

1.    Engage your audience directly. Facebook and Twitter are two amazing venues for instant, direct interaction with your supporters. When it comes time to asking for donations, you don’t want it to feel like it’s out of the blue – make them feel as if they have been a part of your efforts all along and need to lend a hand. #donate allows supporters to donate to you just by commenting on your posts. Incorporating #donate into your social fundraising strategy helps you connect with your audience in a personal way while soliciting donations.

2.    Pace your content. Engage your audience and keep your content fresh, but be careful not to overshare. Set a regular pattern of giving information and asking your audience to do something. Think three days of updates and post on the fourth day with an ask – it can be a donation ask, encouraging your audience to share or maybe asking them to sign a petition or volunteer.

3.    Keep your audience where they want to be. The average person spends nearly an hour a day on Facebook. Go meet them where they are and keep them there! Users absorb information in tiny chunks, so give them a small update each day to keep your work on their mind. 

More Secrets for Social Media Success

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