Black Men United operate The Kumani Center in Omaha Nebraska where start up small businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations can have a space to meet, and grow at an affordable cost.

Black Men United is nearing the launch of their Urban Pre-Vocational Training Program at The Kumani Center, having received our pre-certification from the Nebraska Department of Education as an adult Career School. Code training classes will be taught as well as skilled trades and we are developing a Contractor Capacity Building Incubator.

Real Men Read program provides opportunities for men to be role models by reading to children in local elementary schools.

3rd Annual No Murders In May Mother's Day Brunch for bereaved Mothers was held May 9, 2015

Our 9th annual Million Father March, Take Your Child To School Day

3rd Annual Take A Youth To Worship Week - Each year the week before Thanksgiving.

2nd Annual Black Male Achievement Conference 2015 topic:

Money is power, money is survival, money can help make or break relationships. In the second annual Black Male Achievement Conference the topic of Black Men and Black Money will be addressed. We will talk about money from many different standpoints: how Black men can get it, manage it and use it to benefit their families and communities.

Black Men United seeks volunteers, donors and participants in our grassroots activities and advocacy work and as participants in our classes and programs.

We encourage people of all races to get involved. Like Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Join us as we build the Omaha community by supporting Black men of all ages and the communities where they live and work.