TOM: Came to MNGR at age 9, skinny and desperate for food. A former "field trial hunter," deemed by his owner too aggressive to ever be a pet.

IVAN: A former racer whose career was cut short by a badly broken leg, never correctly repaired. MNGR's vet was able to save the leg with a complex surgery.

MILO: A sweet young lurcher with epileptic seizures.

TAYLOR and TIMMY: Came to MNGR at ages 14 and 11. This pair spent their lives outdoors as coyote hunters, and were dumped at an Iowa humane society when they were no longer earning their keep.

COLE: Came to MNGR at age 11, another field trial hunter who had spent his whole life outside, with minimal shelter and never enough to eat.

"No Grey Turned Away"
All these are now safe at MNGR, some in forever homes and some with us longterm. It is these dogs: the seniors, the brood mamas, the injured and the sick, that make MNGR different. That give MNGR its passion and its mission. Dogs that may not find a place with another adoption group, but at MNGR are welcomed and loved.

Together we can help these dogs. We can let them know that they are loved, wanted, that their lives have value. Yes, their needs are greater and the financial costs are higher. But with your help, we can continue to find forever families for dogs like these where they will learn about the soft beds, soft words and soft touches they should have known all along.

#GivingTuesday is December 1st. After the spending frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is the day to pay it forward. To ask ourselves, do we really need one more toy, one more pair of shoes, one more video game? These dogs need our help now, and their gratitude is far greater than you can imagine.

Please help, and please share.

If you can commit to an amount, however large or small, we would love a comment here. If you would like to share a pic of the dog who inspired you to give, we will happily share it on our page. Thank you for helping our hounds.