I am a parent of one of the members of the Randolph High School band. My son recently graduated from Randolph High School and has played percussion since the sixth grade.  I am honored my son wanted to be a member of this band because the RHS band students have maintained a reputation for academic excellence and are a dedicated group of students to the Randolph school system and the community.

Before my son entered the Randolph Public Schools, its music program was one of the best in the Commonwealth and was a beacon for the Randolph community. Many RHS graduates who were in the RHS band up into the early 21st C still perform locally and some have gone on to perform professionally.   Our town suffered many budget cuts and the music program dwindled down to a pathetic subsistence.   When my son was in elementary school in 2003, there were little to no music classes.  When music was available, students played percussion by hand-clapping or using sticks on the floor.  Music teachers had to be creative with what little time they had with the children.

For the past 7 years the Music Boosters worked tirelessly with the music department teachers to fund such programs as the band and chorus programs.  Due to our proposition 2 ½ funding in 2008, were we able to reinstate great teachers full-time.

As a parent, I have heard tremendous growth in my son’s and his peers abilities in band.  It has been incredibly rewarding as a parent to contribute my time and my own funding to support this program.   I am extremely grateful to these dedicated individuals for supporting our students musical growth and teaching them stage manners, pose and confidence on stage and on the field.  It is thrilling to see our young people perform so well.

The RHS concert band is growing in numbers and ability each year and I am especially excited to have had my son be part of this healthy, active and inspiring group of musicians.

In 2011, RHS placed bronze at the annual MICCA Festival in April.  We were so proud because this is the first time RHS has performed at this event since 2002!  To place was just remarkable and bodes well for the success of this program.

The Music Boosters has done so much to make the Randolph Public School’s band a successful, vital part of the schools and our community.

Our Music Boosters volunteers have been creatively and tirelessly fundraising and have been successfully raising funds for band uniforms.

I cannot think of a better way to engage our young people in the pursuit of life-long learning by doing something that they love~performing music in a full band of dedicated young musicians.