Someone might ask you, "Why help a racehorse rescue?"

At TPR, our mission is to provide a 2nd career for these horses who are more often than not, bred for specifically one purpose: speed.  They are bred to win races.  But what happens to them afterwards?  When an injury ruins their career?  When they are too old to continue?  Or, heaven forbid, they just don't want to race? What then?  Where do they go? What do they do?

For some racehorses, this is a bleak question.  TPR strives to change this retirement for thoroughbreds.  We take on horses who are finished their careers, or who never really got started and give them the tools/skills necessary to start something else.  Some of these horses go on to become dressage horses, trail/pleasure horses, jumping or eventing.  One thing is the same among them all and that is the thoroughbred horse likes having a job.  They crave having something to do.  Put aside the stereotype that all thoroughbreds are "hot" or "crazy"- we come across more horses that are merely misunderstood.

Giving these horses a 2nd chance and turning them into ambassadors for their breed is the focal point of TPR.  We survive on our donations, we provide emergency surgeries for horses who might not otherwise survive, and we match these wonderful horses with new homes.  Please take a chance to visit us at to see what else we are doing and make a donation this #GivingTuesday to help our horses.