Pacific Legal Foundation is participating in #GivingTuesday by urging all freedom-loving Americans to support our litigation in the nation’s courts to secure the freedoms that overreaching government bureaucracies and big government advocates want to take away.

Here’s a sample of how your #GivingTuesday charitable gifts to PLF will help rescue liberty from the grasp of arrogant, out-of-control government:

Obamacare’s shell game
PLF’s lawsuit, now pending before the Supreme Court, is the only one that goes right to the heart of Obamacare — it seeks to strike down the entire law because its tax penalties violate the Origination Clause, which requires all revenue raising bills to begin in the House of Representatives.

Wrong-headed environmental regulations
Powerful government agencies, at the behest of environmental extremists, have liberally interpreted environmental laws to give them virtual veto power over all types of land use activities — from building homes and businesses to growing food, fiber and forest products. PLF is the leading litigator to hold bureaucrats and activists accountable to the rule of law and sound science.

Property rights under seige
No property owner in America is safe from big government’s insatiable appetite for power. State and local agencies routinely demand exactions from citizens who just want to make reasonable use of their property. PLF attorneys are currently challenging ordinances that require developers to shoulder the burden of providing affordable housing and publicly accessible art — costs that legally should be borne by the entire community.

Dream-killing licensing laws
Many states boast of their “business-friendly” environment, but their oppressive and illegal licensing laws are anything but friendly to entrepreneurs. PLF attorneys are challenging Nevada law that requires new moving businesses, limousine and other transportation operators to prove there is a public need for their services. Established businesses can even “veto” their new competition.

It’s time to give back to big government in the form of targeted lawsuits to hold regulators accountable to the rule of law and our Constitution! On #GivingTuesday, give the gift that keeps on giving to defend our precious freedoms.