TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue exists because of the hard work and dedication of its volunteers and because of the generous contributions of in-kind goods and services, as well as cash gifts made by concerned citizens and organizations across Texas (and beyond). This year is the first time TEXSAR will participate in #GivingTuesday and we are excited!

The report below underscores the critical role TEXSAR plays in emergency response activities in Texas. This is just one of several examples:

"... During the recent Halloween flood event we rescued a family of 6 from flood waters in Caldwell County. 911 had received a call from a trapped family and all the roads were washed out and we had some raging waters to cross to get to the area. At first, we couldn't find the family, but eventually we heard people yelling farther down the road and after hiking through flood waters, we found that it was a mother, father, grandmother and three children ranging from about 7-14.

They were trying to pack things up to evacuate when the floodwaters cut them off, so they left their house and went back to higher ground. We were able to walk them out to the where the boat was stationed. Due to the speed of the water, we could only take one at a time, except for one trip with two children. Getting the youngest daughter to leave without us and without her mother was probably the most difficult. They were extremely thankful and I'm sure the kids will have some stories to tell of their boat ride."

This #GivingTuesday, TEXSAR hopes to secure enough funding via our GoFundMe page to acquire a new 30HP Evinrude boat motor. The cost of acquiring the boat motor is $4,800.

Justen Noakes, TEXSAR CEO remarks,

"TEXSAR currently owns 6 rescue boats: 4 have motors and 2 do not. One of the boats without a motor is located in Galveston. If we can raise $4,800 this #GivingTuesday to acquire a boat motor, TEXSAR can close the gap on boat motors for its teams. This will allow TEXSAR's swift water and evacuation boat assets to be 100% operational and ready to deploy. This would also extend our swift water rescue capabilities to the Houston/Galveston area."