Our goal of #GivingTuesday is to show how Reggie's brings in dogs with some of the more severe medical problems. She jokes that mange is her specialty. The dogs featured in the photo are some of Reggie's most memorable cases.

June Bug was the first mange case about 3 years ago. She also had a secondary skin infection, intestinal parasite infestation, emaciation, and burns from abuse. Reggie's saw something in her that no one else did and was able to bring her back to full health, and get her adopted. 

Nelson came to Reggie's in mid 2015 with sarcoptic mange, had internal parasites and had been stabbed in the eye. He seemed to be back to health when the mange came back and he was sent back into emergency care. Reggie's and Nelson's foster were able to get Nelson healthy again. He is currently on the market for his forever home. 

Leia was found on the doorstep of the right person who knew Reggie's. Leia was emaciated, had a horrible case of mange was extremely malnourished, and had an ACL tear on her back right knee. In the short span of 3 months Reggie's was able to get Leia healthy and she is now completely happy with her new mom.

Grayson had mange and just overall malnutrition. Parasites and a secondary bacterial infection. Grayson is now also on the forever market.

All of these dogs wouldn't have made it more than another week on the streets, but Reggie's brought them in and gave them the life they deserve. Sometimes, like in Leia's case Reggie's will take in dogs even if they are at capacity. These are things we couldn't do without the love of our director and the help of our fans. We live our motto #streetlifetosweetlife and would love to continue giving street dogs their chance.