We are celebrating #GivingTuesday by prepping for our Annual Christmas Party to honor our volunteers.  Our nonprofit organization does not have a facility and we count on our kind volunteers to foster our parrots that need re homing.  Some breeds of parrots can live up to 80 years and have several homes in their lifetime.  Rescue groups like ours are needed badly for these birds that have no place to go.  Our volunteers foster a variety of bird species, with the eventual goal of placement in forever homes.  We also strive to educate and instruct the public in not only the care of companion birds, but in the appreciation of wild birds as well.  We have volunteers who can speak to children and adults on a range of topics.  We attend community events to inform people about our mission and to show some of our available birds.  We regularly hold “Meet the Birds” events, where the public can learn more about us, our birds, and our mission.  We will be celebrating our volunteers by making bags of bird goodies to share for our upcoming party.  We honor them and we honor all rescue groups whose missions are to provide homes for abandoned animals.