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The Stone Soup Collaborative (TSSC) is a Washington registered non-profit.  Our mission is to support the homeless and nutritionally compromised community while advocating sustainable food practices; eradicating hunger on the local community level and modeling this globally.

There are dozens of versions of the timeless story of Stone Soup, a story about the power of one and the power of community.  One version is about an elderly woman who finds her way to a small village during the cold winter months of a depression.  She is homeless and hungry so she begins knocking on the doors of the villagers homes asking for something to eat.  Everyone turns her away because they “only have enough food to feed their own families”.

After unsuccessfully knocking on several doors, the elderly woman goes to the center of town and there, she starts a fire.  She places a pot full water and rocks she has gathered onto the fire and begins to heat it up, stirring it as the steam rolls off the pot.

Soon, the villagers begin to walk by asking her, "what are you cooking?".  The woman replies, "I am cooking Stone Soup but would really make this Stone Soup delicious is some onion".  One of the villagers replies, "We have some onion and runs to their home to retrieve it, then places their onion into the Stone Soup pot.

Not long after another villager walk by and ask, "What are you cooking?".  The woman replies, "I am cooking Stone Soup but would really make this Stone Soup even better is some carrot".  The villager replies, "We have some carrot and runs to their home to retrieve it, then places their carrot into the Stone Soup pot.

Eventually, everyone in the village that had turned the elderly woman away at their door had contributed something to the woman’s Stone Soup and where they had initially only had enough food to feed their own families, they had now contributed enough smaller portions of their own food to feed the entire village, including the elderly woman.

Every year people from all walks of life find themselves nutritionally compromised and in many cases, homeless. The winter months and holidays can add even more stress to an already stressful situation.  When people are in crisis it is not easy to manage everything on their own.  Even the smallest acts of kindness can warm an otherwise, broken heart, wounded spirit and empty stomach.

Each year TSSC gathers resources from people just like you (the villagers) and hits the streets to serve of up some love to anyone and everyone in need of some (the elderly woman).

Collaboratively, we provide hot, nutritious soup, drink, blankets, coats, personal hygiene items, gifts and whatever else we can get in our hands and distribute.

Currently, we are serving in Tacoma, WA.  Our goal is to become the central resource hub that disperses resources to Stone Soup locations throughout the state, country and world.

In order to continue spreading the love, we need your financial support this #GivingTuesday.  100% of your tax deductible contribution will go toward bringing smiles to peoples face and peace to their spirit.

Nils McKenney and Rose McKenney, Founders of The Stone Soup Collaborative, are not unfamiliar to what it feels like to be homeless and hungry.  It is from having experienced both first hand that they made the decision to start feeding people hot soup in the winter months almost a decade ago.

Every year as more and more people learn what TSSC is doing more and more "Stone Soup" sights are popping up in various locations throughout the country.

"We are making a difference in peoples lives and it is becoming a movement.  This was our hope.  It is never about ego for us.  It is always about being the change we want to see in the world and simply loving one another without any agenda other than to love.  It is about being good stewards of what we have been given". - Nils McKenney