IMEC is a wonderful organization that equips hospitals and clinics in developing countries all over the world. As a physician who has done medical volunteer  work and teaching in Africa and Asia for over 25 years, I know firsthand what it is like to practice medicine without the proper equipment. So it is a great joy for me to volunteer at IMEC to coordinate projects to send needed and appropriate equipment and supplies to the doctors and nurses in these settings. The IMEC complete suite concept ensures that the receiving facilities get all the equipment to provide  these services to the hospital ( eg: maternity and delivery, surgical and anesthesia, outpatient and diagnostics or lab, or ICU or radiology). IMEC has an amazing commitment to quality and completeness . It never ceases to amaze me to see the facilities before and after an IMEC project—unbelievable transformation !  Please help support IMEC on #GIVINGTUESDAY to fulfill our mission to provide doctors and nurses the quality tools to improve medical care in underserved communities world wide. GIVE TO IMEC AMERICA ON #GIVINGTUESDAY !