The future is very bright for Hope for Ghana, as three libraries and computer labs have already been created and are thriving, impacting thousands of lives and changing the way these children learn. The mission of Hope for Ghana is being fulfilled in an orphanage and two schools, as children for the first time have educational tools never before available to them.

Last night I spoke with the assistant headmaster of Tegbi Agbedrafor Basic School, home of Hope for Ghana's most recent library and computer lab. Noble assures me that the library is constantly packed with children starving for the opportunity to read and use the learning software applications on the computer. He promises me that the reading level at his school has increased dramatically since the library was built. I could receive no better news!

Hope for Ghana is excited to build its fourth library and computer lab in February 2016 in the rural village, Anloga, a fishing and farming community. Hope for Ghana has chosen a primary and junior secondary school with 1000 students. A library will be built, filled with story books and encyclopedias and other reference books for students and teachers. A computer lab will be built, with over 50 learning applications including online encyclopedias as well as software to teach math, reading and science.

#GivingTuesday will help raise awareness of Hope for Ghana's mission in the rural villages of Ghana. Together we can bring these Ghanaian children a brighter future. The possibilities are boundless!