Almost 5 years ago I lost both of my only children, my life force, in a tragic auto accident as they were traveling to their step Mothers funeral. This experience has stripped me of every identity I know myself to be, but it has not stripped me of my desire to serve. This grief journey has been the most difficult thing I have ever faced, but through this journey I have met some of the most incredible people and through Cry For Me, No More we have touched many hearts. My children's love lives on in the people I help through my story and my desire to help others facing the dark deep recesses of grief. You can make a difference too. I died the day they did, but through the rubble a new me is being born a new. It is possible to go one after this type of loss, but trying to do it alone is next to impossible. If you are one of those is this darkness after the death of a loved one, please contact us. Also please remember us on Giving Tuesday. We are Grieving Families helping Grieving Families and we can't do it without you!