Have you ever found an injured or orphaned wild animal and did not know what to do or how to help?  There are many circumstances in which our actions negatively impact the environment and the native wild creatures that live in those habitats.  Perhaps you came across a heron or egret entangled in fishing line or a chipmunk that had been attacked by a free-roaming pet or a young raccoon that got her head stuck in jar while foraging for food.  In all those instances (and so many more) licensed wildlife rehabilitators are here to help!

Freedom Center for Wildlife (FCW) is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility in Southern NJ.  We rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wild animals and release them back to their habitats.  We strive to increase public knowledge and appreciation towards the conservation, protection, and preservation of native wildlife and the habitats in which they live and breed.  We do this through rehabilitation, educational programming, and research.

We are licensed to receive avian and mammal species, including beavers and bats.  This past June, we received an orphaned beaver from the Rancocas Creek near Hainesport.  An adult beaver had been chasing this baby, but luckily he swam up to some nice folks in a boat who pulled him safely aboard!  He has been in our care since then and is now about 7 months old.  He will be at FCW for quite a while longer as beavers take a couple of years to reach sexual maturity.  At that time, he will be released back to the wild.  For now, he loves to munch on apples and willow tree branches and grapevine.

We are so pleased to be able to help individual animals throughout the year, but our impact broadens when we teach about the intrinsic value of these incredible species and their importance in the natural world.  We do this through a variety of educational programming at schools, environmental events, fairs, and libraries.

This #GivingTuesday we would like to thank the individuals and organizations that have supported our efforts, and especially our volunteers.  We may be a small organization, but we have tremendous gratitude!  We could do a lot more if we had the funds to expand our facility.  On #GivingTuesday your donation will assist us in our ability to reach many more folks in our community.