Chile the dachshund has had a long and winding journey, but we are happy to say that he is finally in his forever home!

Chili was surrendered with his brother Bruno, who he was completely bonded to, last year. Bruno had lots of issues and our generous supports stepped up to fund his surgery to remove a cyst on his spinal cord that was keeping him from being able to function normally. Sadly, he succumbed to Cushing disease this past summer.

After Bruno passed away, Chile was adopted by a wonderful couple. Sadly, not long after they took him in, one of them began experiencing some major health problems that caused them to have to give Chile up, much to their dismay.

That is the point at which Allen entered Chile's life - first as a foster home, but soon as a forever home. Chile now has lots of brothers and sisters and a cozy spot by the fire to call his own. We could not be happier for him.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"]Chili by the fire A warm and toasty Chili is a happy Chili![/caption]

We just have one question left... What do we call this many doxies?! A gang? A gaggle? A herd? An army? Whatever it is, we sure call it a happy ending! And it could not have happened without the support of our wonderful community of senior dog-lovers. We are so grateful they allow us to continue doing this work!